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Some Things You Should Know About Tattoo Artist Chris Blinston

Hey there friends, by now you’ve probably heard the exciting news, that Chris Blinston is going to be featured on Spike TV’s tattoo reality TV Show-Ink Master! We couldn’t be more stoked and are really looking forward to Chris being able to showcase his tattooing talent to a national audience. For those of you who haven’t been into our tattoo shop Big Brain 2 No Hard Feelings and had the opportunity to meet Chris in person, we’ve compiled a few things about Chris Blinston that you might find interesting: After graduating from Kansas State University with a degree in Architectural Engineering and Design, Chris joined the Marine Corps and went on to serve honorably for 4 years. While in the Marine Corp, Chris got into tattooing when he and all his Marine Corp buddies were getting their first tattoos. He began to put his artistic skills to good use, tattooing for his squad mates and their friends. It soon led to Chris finding his passion and ultimately his career.

Originally Chris opened up an extremely successful tattoo shop in Omaha called Big Brain, that is still one of the premiere tattoo shops in the Midwest, but decided to move down to Florida. Upon moving to Florida Chris and Ted Mendoza, another extremely talented South Florida tattoo artist and shop owner, decided to combine forces and thus Big Brain 2 No Hard Feelings was born. Hence the Big Brain 2, as the shop in Omaha is Big Brain (the original and origin of the name), was born and began to establish a reputation in South Florida as the best tattoo shop and studio.

Even before his appearance on Ink Master Season 6, Chris was setting records, earning awards, and developing recognition in the tattoo industry. With a wall full of trophies and accolades from over 160 tattoo industry awards, it’s no surprise to anyone that Chris keeps pushing his tattooing and artistic standards higher and higher. With a commitment to quality tattoo work and an amazing level of detail when it comes to many different tattoo styles , Chris has truly become a master of his trade.

Stay tuned into our blog for upcoming appearances and tattoo industry news. We will continue to bring you everything you need to know about awesome tattoos, tattooing in general, and all the exciting things that Chris Blinston is getting up to!

Be sure to follow Chris on his Official Social Media channels, and check out the season premiere of Ink Master on Spike TV at 10:00PM June 23!